RuRAMPS4D-Russian Board for 3D printers, working in conjunction with the Arduino DUE or Arduino Mega.
Evaluate the power of 32-bit, reliable power connectors, build quality and
wide range of supported equipment.


The RuRamps4D board is a new shield for controlling 3D printers, working in conjunction with the controller boards: Arduino Due (32-bit) and Arduino Mega (8-bit). The Board is designed and manufactured in Russia. The main advantages of the board:

  • Drivers TMC2130 can be used in the configuration mode for SPI without the use of wires (SPI bus connected to the connectors of the drivers on the Board)
  • Possibility to connect 2 most powerful loads (for example, two heating tables of 300x300mm size or a heating table and a heater of a thermal chamber)
  • The Board uses MOSFET power switches designed for operation with 3.3 V and 5V logic levels, has low RDS resistance and low heating;
  • To connect a powerful load, barrier terminals are used, which ensure good contact and exclude heating and burning of contacts;
  • Connectors for use with replaceable pololu form factor stepper motor drivers, it is possible to install any drivers;
  • It is possible to connect a wide range of LCD and TFT displays;
  • The display modules are not powered by Arduino, but by a separate voltage Converter at 800mA;
  • When connecting inductive, capacitive and similar sensors do not need additional binding to match the levels, it is already implemented on the Board;
  • When connecting inductive, capacitive and similar sensors do not need additional components for level matching, it is already implemented on the Board;
  • On the inputs of the endstop sensors implemented a circuit protection against interference and exclusion of false alarms;
  • Connector for installing WiFi module ESP8266-01 on the Board (works with ESP 3D firmware);
  • Arduino Due is powered by 9V instead of 12V, which reduces the load on its voltage Converter.

Main characteristic

  • 12-26V DC power supply;
  • Number of installed drivers for form factor Pololu — 6;
  • The total number of outputs for connection to the load via the MOSFET — 7;
  • Outputs for connection of hotends— 3;
  • Low-power outputs for connection of controlled fans – 2;
  • Outputs for connection of Heated Bed or Chamber heater (powerful IRL1404 installed). When connecting 2 MK2b tables to one channel — cold) – you can connect large tables, two-zone table from Cheap3D, or several simultaneously;
  • Inputs for connection of thermistors – 5;
  • Outputs for servo connection – 2;
  • Possibility to connect external 5V power supply for servos;
  • A connector for connecting the wifi module ESP8266-01;
  • Ability to connect external 3.3 V power for WiFi module ESP8266;
  • EEPROM chip;
  • The displays the RepRap Discount Controller series connect to board without the adapter;
  • Separate connector for MKS TFT and Nextion displays;
  • Optional amplifiers for connection of 2 K-type thermocouples are installed.