Руководство по броне в the forest

Creepy Armor!

Slay those Mutants and wear their skin! This certainly is a creepy way to go in to battle.

The first is one of my favorites. Guess where you need to get this armor… That’s right! Mutants! Those fun-loving, nerve shattering, creatures of our nightmares give this amazing armor. I bet you didn’t think those Virginias or Cowmen were good for anything other than messing up your base. I suggest finding lots of mutants and taking their skin since the resistance to attacks is phenomenal.

This is one of the easiest armors after getting it. All you need to do is put it on to benefit from the protection it gives. No crafting required! This armor provides 150% coverage and you can wear up to ten pieces.

Make sure you invest in the armor rack so that you can place some spares on it. Always wear full armor to make sure you get the full effect and keep spares around! Mutants aren’t completely rare, but they are still hard to come by.

Armor details — Here

Stealth Armor

Lizards and leaves allow you to blend in with your surroundings. Become one with nature.

With Lizard skin and leaves, create the perfect camouflage. Confuse the cannibals by blending in with the bushes around you! Stealth armor doesn’t help much when being attacked, but it does help a lot if you are trying to get out of a sticky situation or trying to get the jump on an unsuspecting Bambi or Cannibal.

To craft this you need one lizard skin and 15 leaves! This gives you about 20% coverage in armor and stealth. Stealth also allows you a get a one hit kill, called a Stealth Kill, on cannibals.

To use this effectively I suggest wearing as much as the stealth armor, so all 10 pieces, if you don’t you won’t get the best benefit from it!

Armor details — Here

Bone Armor!

Armor made from the bones of your cannibalistic victims!

This next type of armor can make for a terrifying survivalist! This is made through burning the bodies of cannibals and using their bones as your armor. You wear the bones all over your body and a skull for a helmet! This can look scary if you look in a mirror, but the cannibals seem undeterred by your new look. Thankfully, the resistance of this armor is great, especially when you are starting out. This is a must have for your early days in The Forest.

To create this, you need six bones and one rope. This armor will grant you 40% up to 400% if you wear all ten pieces!

To get the best benefit from this I suggest making sure you not only wear full armor (all ten pieces), but also keep some spare bones and cloth on you so you can make some on the fly.

Armor details — Here

Cold Armor.

Wear Bambi to keep warm in the snow biome!

You never know when you’ll need to be out late in to the night or trek through the snow biome. Be prepared and keep some Cold Armor on you! Cold armor is a variety of different types of armor that keeps you relatively warm in the frigid temperatures that plague The Forests’ nights. This type of armor consists of Deer fur for your early adventuring, rabbit fur boots and a warm suit for your later adventures. If you want to be completely warm, I suggest investing the time in to getting a warm suit. You can’t wear other armor with it, but it’s better than freezing to death on your wandering!

Cold armor is different compared to the others I spoke about. These have no benefits other than keeping you alive in the snow biome or at night.

To make this you need… Quite a lot! Six Deer skin, one raccoon skin, four boar skin, one rabbit skin, two cloth, and two rope.

I suggest waiting until you get close to the snow or close to your base before putting this on, since you don’t want to be caught by cannibals while wearing this.

Armor details — Here

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